Blog from July, 2010

Road Map for JFS

Future Versions

  1. Add Security Level condition
  2. Add support for Description, Due Date and Attachments

Version 1.4 - RELEASED!

  1. Support for Assignee field
  2. Greenhopper support

Version 1.2 - RELEASED!

  1. Ability to set READ and WRITE permissions for fields

Version 1.1 - RELEASED!

  1. Compatibility with JIRA 4.2
  2. Add Status condition
  3. Controlling the visibility of the time tracking information (JRA-2364)

Do not forget that upgrades are free of charge during support&maintenance period.

We are glad to announce that the final release of version 1.0 of Custom Field Security Plugin for JIRA is available for download. Documentation in this Wiki space will be completed in a couple of days.

Furthermore, as the beta period for JFS has ended, we made commercial licenses available for purchasing.