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Fixes in this Release

  • Compatibility with JIRA 7.2

  • JFSSUP-219 Time tracking report isn't working

  • JFSSUP-217 'java.lang.IllegalStateException: getWriter() has already been called for this response' when accessing a JIRA Service Desk project
  • JFSSUP-216 Agile Quick View creates internal error

  • Fix for broken symbols when system encoding is not UTF-8 (no extra settings required)

  • JFSSUP-209: return unmodified response for REST search query when there are no issues in response
  • JFSSUP-210: removed excess logging when processing invalid issue edit request
  • JFSSUP-213: compatibility fix with Traffic Light plugin
  • Fix for "Assertions$NullArgumentException: query should not be null!"
  • Other stability fixes
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