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  1. Re: Scripting Samples

    Folks, I am trying to build a transition that selects between one of two states depending on a logic tree based on various field values (both old and new). My understanding is that JIRA Scripting Suite is a very good way to accomplish this goal. The only example I see is the one that Hans posted on Jun 02.  I
    Jira Scripting Suite / … / Scripting SamplesNov 02, 2010
  2. Re: Installation&Upgrade Guide

    Hi After following the instructions above and creating the follwoing for edit and postfunction validation result = False description = 'General error description' invalid_fields'summary' = u'Error description for the Summary field' I proceed to create and edit an issue. However both the editvalidation
  3. Re: Scripting Samples

    () # 'customfield_10290' is the state selector field. state = issue.getCustomFieldValue(cfm.getCustomFieldObject("customfield_10290")) stateNumber = 0 if state … . Questions:    Why does JIRA still think the issue is in the previous state despite the issue field displaying the correct indended state, how can I change
    Jira Scripting Suite / … / Scripting SamplesJan 10, 2011
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    I want to set the assignee of an issue to the value of a user picker custom field. Below is the code I have so far. The script fails on issueObject.getCustomFieldValue(manager) with a null pointer exception. Can someone point me in the right direction? # Set the Assignee to the Manager from com.atlassian.jira
    Jira Scripting Suite / … / Scripting SamplesApr 20, 2010
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    I have a workflow where a required field can start out at an initial value if submitted thru an external interface, but I want to make sure it never has that value from here on out.  I can place checks in each of the subsequent transitions, but I'd also like to validate it in the edit screen as well.  My experience
    Jira Scripting Suite / … / Scripting SamplesJul 28, 2010
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    Posting for future searchers: This is performed on the Subtask's create event post-events:Updates custom fields from the parent successfully:Thanks for your help Alex. from com.atlassian.jira.issue.util import DefaultIssueChangeHolder if (issue.getParentId() > 0):  # Set Reviewer from Parent  parentIssue
    Jira Scripting Suite / … / Scripting SamplesSep 21, 2010
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    This plugin is awesome. I can now implement all the weird functions I wanted, that I couldn't do with any other plugin. Here is a Post Function I am using to update a custom field with a string generated from the User's name. I needed to do this because I wanted it recorded in an easily accessible way, who
    Jira Scripting Suite / … / Scripting SamplesMar 04, 2010
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    Trying to set the Assignee based on the value of a custom field. Th script is never hitting the if block, so my guess is the way I have set the variable "feature" is wrong. Could someone give me a hand with getting the "feature" variable set to the correct method? -Brian from com.atlassian.jira import
    Jira Scripting Suite / … / Scripting SamplesMar 12, 2012
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    Hi! I'm new to Jira and the Jython. Could you please help me with the following: I'm trying to create a post-function that puts the Reporter's Email into a custom field named "E-Mail". I've installed your plugin but even without doing a thing I keep getting stuck at the "Edit" screen. I don't even get
    Jira Scripting Suite / … / Scripting SamplesAug 17, 2011
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    on your specific type of issue if you just want to avoid applying the script globally. This works for Validators and Post-functions. To access to the custom field
    Jira Scripting Suite / … / Scripting SamplesJun 15, 2010