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  1. Re: Scripting Samples

    Thanks Alexander for your fast reply. I really appreciate it. I have some other issues. I've installed JSS 0.3.1 and Jira Standalone 4.1.1. 1- I'm wondering if there is a way to add JSS script to validate some fields when the user is Editing or Creating a specific type of issue before updating the changes? 2
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  2. Re: Scripting Samples

    Hi Alex, I am new to JSS, but it appears that it can solve my problem. In our workflow, we want to be able to check an issue on creation for it's Fix version. If the Fix Version is "unknown", we want to automatically set that field to the next project version set for release. My psuedocode is as follows
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    '] = u'Error description for the Summary field' description = 'General error description' Thanks for help. Migrated to Confluence 5.3
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    Luc, I see what you mean.  My fault in that I misunderstood what I was reading.  Sounds like you want to implement a scripted post-function that reads the appropriate field, and then uses the JIRA e-mail API to send the message you want.  Kind of a pain in the tail, because you have to drop a copy of your
    Jira Scripting Suite / … / Scripting SamplesJan 05, 2011
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    ". Then, i have created a sample project. And created a 'copy of default jira workflow' by giving a name to that workflow. Also created a sample screen with few fields
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    Any idea why this attempt to copy two custom fields from the parent issue in a post function fails? It runs but apparently has no effect. from com.atlassian.jira.issue import ModifiedValue from com.atlassian.jira.issue.util import DefaultIssueChangeHolder if (issue.getParentId() > 0):  parentIssue
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    field. state = issue.getCustomFieldValue(cfm.getCustomFieldObject("customfield_10290")) stateNumber = 0 if state == 'Submitted': stateNumber = 1 elif state
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    I am new with python and trying to build a post script function based on the example. I have a custom field called Approver that is not initially required but will eventually be emailed at the Ready for Approval Step in the workflow so it needs to be populated when the transition occurs . I am getting this error
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  9. Re: Installation&Upgrade Guide

    I am trying to use this plugin on JIRA on the following version <v4.3.4#620-r152668>.  I just wanted to test the invalid fields with the following code. \##CODE FOR VALIDATION SCRIPT result = False invalid_fields\['summary'\] = u'=>This is just an exception' \#CODE I have followed all the installation
  10. JFS Tutorial

    continuing. Create a Field Security Scheme Navigate to JIRA Administration → Addons → Field Security → Field Security Schemes; Fill in the new scheme name and optionally description, and press the 'Add' button. The new scheme will appear in the list. Configure a Field Security Scheme Click 'Configure' link