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Table of Contents

General Concept

In general, JFS plugin works as a filter applied to pages generated by JIRA. This allows to keep an amount of changes to original JIRA source code as small as possible, thus improving overall stability and maintainability. On the other hand, such an approach requires that every page is processed properly. This can only be guaranteed for plugins that have been explicitly tested for compatibility with JFS.

JFS by default blocks an access for all users to the pages (identified by their URLs), which it does not know how to process. This can result in incorrect behavior of some plugins.

Issue Views & Screens

Issue View

Secured custom fields are removed both from "current values" sections and from change history. If any change group occurs to be empty after change item removal, it will be also removed.



(click image to enlarge)

(click image to enlarge)

Issue Create & Edit Screen



(click image to enlarge)

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Issue Navigator

Secured fields are removed from issue table with respect of each issue. For example, one can use "Reporter" condition to make some field visible only for issue's reporter.


After (logged in as Administrator):

Security Scheme Settings:


Assigned to Me
Filter Results
Issues in progress
Voted Issues
Watched Issues

Output of gadgets with issue tables is process in the same way as the Issue Navigator.


Pie Chart
Time Since Chart
Two Dimensional Filter Statistics
Heat Map

If there is an active security restriction on a selected field (any of fields for Two Dimensional Stats) for any issue returned by the selected filter - the user will be denied to see the gadget output.
During configuration:

After gadget has been configured:

Activity Streams Gadget

Activities with restricted field changes are removed from the stream.
Before Multi Select field is secured:

After Multi Select field is secured:


Field Security Settings:

Report Configuration:


Mail Messages

Issue Updated Messages

Restricted field value changes are removed from Issue Updated messages.

Filter Subscriptions

Filter subscriptions are processed in the same way as Issue Navigator.