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Both plugins should work fine now, but you still will not be able to update JFS license while JavaMelody is present in the system

Uncontrollable Log File Growth


When a user performs an export of search results to CSV JIRA log files are flooded with stack traces as below which causes an uncontrollable log file growth.

Code Block
2017-01-18 14:21:02,576 http-apr-8080-exec-707 WARN abcd 860x19727349x2 uo3kh5, /sr/jira.issueviews:searchrequest-csv-all-fields/temp/SearchRequest.csv [c.q.j.f.issue.export.DelegatingCustomFieldType] this should never be called: java.lang.Throwable
                at com.quisapps.jira.fieldsecurity.issue.export.DelegatingCustomFieldType.warn(
                at com.quisapps.jira.fieldsecurity.issue.export.DelegatingCustomFieldType.getValueFromIssue(
                at com.quisapps.jira.fieldsecurity.issue.export.SecureCsvIssueExporter$CustomFieldMethodInterceptor$1.getValueFromIssue(
                at com.atlassian.jira.issue.export.customfield.DefaultCsvIssueExporter.getFieldExportRepresentationForCustomField(


This is due to the interference with a third-party add-on, which does not support the new 'Export to CSV' feature correctly. This feature was introduced in JIRA 7.2. 


Upgrade to JFS v1.4.36 or later.


  • Set Logging level to ERROR on the JFS Settings page


  • Navigate to Logging and Profiling at JIRA Admin and set logging level for com.quisapps.jira.fieldsecurity.issue.export.DelegatingCustomFieldType to ERROR

Disabling "Block Unknown URLs" Setting

Before creating a support request try to disable Block Unknown URLs setting at Administration -> Field Security -> JFS Settings.
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Preparing Data for Support Request