Field Security Plugin provides an ability to set Read & Write access restrictions to any custom field (including custom fields you are already using in your JIRA instance) and Time Tracking fields (including Work Logs).


  1. JFS provides the following set of conditions:
    1. Everyone condition - applies to every user and issue in the project;
    2. Current Assignee condition - applies to the current assignee of the issue;
    3. Reporter - applies to the reporter of the issue;
    4. Project Lead - applies to the lead of the issue's project;
    5. Project Role - applies to the project role selected by the administrator;
    6. Single User - applies to the single user selected by the administrator;
    7. Group - applies to all users in the group selected by the administrator;
    8. Single User Custom Field - applies to the user, specified in the custom field of the issue;
    9. Group Custom Field - applies to all users in the group specified in the custom field of the issue;
    10. Issue Status - ability to set fields visibility depending on status of the current issue;
      Each condition is evaluated against each issue individually.
  2. Protecting views: Issue Navigator, Issue View Screen (including issue changes history & Work Logs), Issue Edit screen (also filtering requests to issue updates), Issue Create screen, Issue Transition screens, Convert Issue screens, Bulk Change screens (including Bulk Edit, Bulk Migrate & Bulk Transition);
  3. JFS secures gadgets and reports, including Pie Charts, Statistics and Activity Streams;
  4. JFS secures SOAP & XML-RPC Web Services;
  5. JFS secures outgoing mail messages.

Plugin Administration and Settings

  1. Full configuration from JIRA Administration section via convenient UI;
  2. Ability to create multiple Field Security Schemes;
  3. Ability to set a single scheme to many projects;
  4. Field Security Scheme defines a list of restricted fields and a ruleset for each field. A ruleset is a chain of conditions, which are evaluated against the current user, issue and project.

Pic: Sample Field Security Scheme

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JFS is a commercial plugin. You can generate evaluation license in My Account. Evaluation license will be valid for 30 days. After that you should purchase and install commercial license. Prices are available at our store. Purchasing a commercial license will give a one year of support, maintenance, and free upgrades.

After evaluation license is expired, JFS starts to replace hidden field values with "HIDDEN VALUE (LICENSE EXPIRED)" term. After 1 month from license expiration date JFS will stop working.


Refer to JFS Installation&Upgrade Guide page.

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