Issue 1

Under some circumstances a user with access rights limited according to the field security scheme may be able to access a hidden field and/or modify a read-only field via the REST API.

This issue affects only security features provided by Fields Security Plugin and does not affect any core JIRA features.

This vulnerability is rated as Critical according to Atlassian's Severity Levels for Security Issues.

This issue affects all JFS versions for JIRA 7.0-8.2 starting from JFS 1.4.31_70 and up and is fixed in JFS 1.4.53 for JIRA 7.2-8.2.

How to fix

JIRA 7.2 and later

Upgrade to JFS 1.4.53. There is no need to re-apply the JFS patch.

  1. Ensure support & maintenance is active for your license.
  2. Navigate to Downloads page
  3. Download JFS 1.4.53 addon JAR file according to your JIRA version
  4. Upgrade the addon using JIRA Universal Plugin Manager ("Manage Add-ons")
  5. Restart your JIRA instance immediately (Note: this is mandatory!)
  6. There is no need to re-apply the JFS patch

Please contact in case of any questions.

JIRA 7.1 and prior

If you are still using JIRA 7.0 or 7.1, please contact

 Consider upgrading to more recent versions of JIRA and JFS.

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