Fixes in this release for Jira 7.6-8.5:

  • Compatibility with Jira 8.5

  • FS-183 Read-only custom field can bee edited in Kanban board

  • FS-192 Issue improperly indexed after update by restricted user

  • Activity stream may show protected field values

  • Assignee field may be corrupted when updating an issue via REST API


Additionally this release includes fixes for Jira 7.6-7.9:

  • FS-126 support for /sprint/rank Jira Agile REST API (e.g. moving issues between sprints on boards)
  • FS-127 added support for Sprint field
  • FS-129 better support for TimesheetReport addon
  • FS-130 Time tracking visible on Project Scrum Boards and Backlog
  • FS-158 JFS causes emoticons to be displayed as questions marks
  • FS-163 Under some circumstances aggregated timetracking data may be exposed by Workload Pie Chart report

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