Fields Still Visible in Activity Stream and History Tab; No Support for Service Desk

  • Ryan Beller
Posted: Tue, 01/21/2014 - 23:20

We are using the Atlassian Service Desk plugin, which creates custom fields, including Time to Resolution and Time to Response. These fields are still visible despite using JFS to hide them (hiding is configured the same as it is for other fields that are being hidden correctly).

Also, for our fields that are hidden (secured) properly, users without access to certain fields can still see details about the changes on the History tab or in the Activity Stream. In fact, those two places specifically highlight that a secured field was changed, its new value, and the person who changed it.

Are these known issues, or is there perhaps a patch?

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Hi Alex. Thanks for the fast

  • mensinger
  • 02/18/14
  • Tue, 02/25/2014 - 20:22

Hi Alex.

Thanks for the fast response. After undeploy (and clear the tomcat temp) and deploy of the app, the plugin works great.


Hello Marcus, > Modified

  • admin
  • 02/16/10
  • Mon, 02/24/2014 - 13:17

Hello Marcus,

> Modified Files [Installation Type: EAR/WAR]
Yes, JFS patch is not applied or applied incorrectly to your JIRA instance. That's why activity streams show time-tracking data.

You should download the patch according to your JIRA version and apply it as described in installation guide. The list of modified files will be pretty the same as for JIRA 4.x.


Hi Admin. We have the same

  • mensinger
  • 02/18/14
  • Mon, 02/24/2014 - 13:12

Hi Admin.

We have the same Problem. We are using JIRA 6.1.5 and JFS 1.4.18_61.
We want to hide the time tracking fields for external users.
But all activity streams (dashboard, project and user) shows the changes of these fields.

XYZ updated 2 fields of TESTSKP-23 - work test
Changed the Remaining Estimate to '1 hour, 30 minutes'
Logged '30 minutes'

I think, the plugin is not installed correctly, because the "Modified Files" section only shows the application properties. But we have considered all steps of the installation guide.
Modified Files [Installation Type: EAR/WAR]

The installation guide contains an example of modified files for JIRA 4.x. Do you know a list of files for JIRA 6.1.5?


Hello Ryan, Most often hidden

  • admin
  • 02/16/10
  • Thu, 01/23/2014 - 10:54

Hello Ryan,

Most often hidden fields are visible on History Tab and Activity Streams because JFS patch has not been applied to JIRA instance. Please check if the patch has been applied correctly, see details here:

As for the Service Desk plugin, JFS has not been verified against it yet so compatibility issues may exist. We have to provide compatibility for each plugin manually, so it may take some time. See the list of compatible plugins here: